Breaking News: We’re LegitScript-certified!

Breaking News: We’re LegitScript-certified!

At Striker Pharmacy, we are delighted to share a significant achievement in our ongoing commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards. We are thrilled to announce that our top-quality licensed sterile compounding pharmacy has successfully obtained LegitScript certification, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining the utmost integrity and safety in our operations.

Understanding the Significance of LegitScript Certification

Our LegitScript certification underscores our compliance with the rigorous standards set forth by LegitScript, which emphasizes transparency, legality, and adherence to applicable regulations. It’s important to clarify that while this certification validates our commitment to meeting objective criteria, it does not imply any endorsement or sponsorship of our products or services by LegitScript.

Breaking News: We’re LegitScript-certified!

About Striker Pharmacy: Setting the Standard in Sterile Compounding

Striker Pharmacy stands as a premier licensed sterile compounding pharmacy, committed to providing top-quality compounded medications tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients. Our dedication to precision, safety, and excellence sets us apart in the industry.

Emphasizing Benefits for Our Clients

For our esteemed clients, our LegitScript certification brings forth numerous advantages:


Confidence in Compliance: Clients can trust that Striker Pharmacy fully complies with industry regulations and standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in every aspect of our operations.

Assurance of Safety and Quality: As a top-quality licensed sterile compounding pharmacy, we prioritize the quality of our compounded medications. Our LegitScript certification reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest safety and quality assurance standards.

Transparent Communication: We believe in fostering transparent communication with our clients, providing clear and accurate information about our products and services.

Access to Trusted Compounded Medications: Striker Pharmacy remains dedicated to sourcing appropriate ingredients and adhering to stringent compounding processes. Our LegitScript certification underscores our commitment to providing clients access to safe and reliable compounded medications.

Breaking News: We’re LegitScript-certified!

Moving Forward with Integrity and Excellence

As we celebrate this milestone achievement, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the highest integrity standards in all that we do. It’s important to note that while our LegitScript certification reflects our dedication to excellence, it does not imply any judgment on the practices of other providers.

For more information about LegitScript and its healthcare certification standards, please visit their website and explore the comprehensive guidelines that govern our certification.

At Striker Pharmacy, we are honored to serve as your trusted partner in health and wellness, delivering trusted compounded medications with care and precision.